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Good Fences Make for Good Neighbors 作業代寫

                         Good Fences Make for Good Neighbors
    “We do not hide that the various satellites and long-range rockets we will continue to launch, as well as the high-level nuclear test we will proceed in... Settling accounts with the US need to be done with force, not with words.”
    North Korean national defense science departements on February 12th, 2013 in the northern Korea’s underground nuclear test successfully carried out a third nuclear test. After confirmation, the nuclear test explosion, light-duty use miniaturization and the atomic bomb are “high quality, safe, perfect”, on the surrounding ecological environment did not cause any negative impacts. The nuclear problem between North Korea and South Korea dates back to the late twentieth century, while the question remains to be unsettled (David, 2005). On May 5, South Korea’s president paid a visit to the United States and held a summit with Obama. Obama expressed his avocation for Park Unhygienic to establish mutual trust relationship with North Korea, but he would not provide humanitarian assistance because the relationship between the United States with North Korea is different from that of South Korea. If they agree with this condition, it will become a symbol of they are admitting North Korea to explore nuclear weapon. Obama also showed his expectation of the result towards this new policy- North Korea giving up nuclear weapon. Most newspapers and magazines say that the problem is decided by the attitude of China, since China has been keeping good relevance with North Korea and it has enough power to control such a small country (1987). Actually there is not a country that can really take control over another one and each country has its own privilege to decide its direction of development. Even though in this diversification world, cutting off political and economy contacts may weaken the national strength, but it cannot change the situation at the bottom. During the summit with Obama, the president of South Korea stressed the importance of China in this problem. China says it advocates North Korea to step back and improve its relationship with South Korea, strengthen dialogue and mutual trust and cooperation. On the contrary, North Korea has claimed it would not change its stance toward South Korea (James, 2013).
      Good Fences Make for Good Neighbors  作業代寫
    According to the report of Korean central news agency, the representative of Korean people’s army said in a statement, South Korea formally join the proliferation security initiative “ the situation on the Korea peninsula ” into a state of war. North Korea will take three measures. First, according to has announced previously, North Korea will take the proliferation security initiative of South Korea as a “declaration of war bulletin”. In this case, if anyone set foot on the North Korean ships and take hostilities, including invasion, inspection, etc., shall be deemed to have sovereignty violation against North Korea and they will immediately take military counterattack. The second one is based on the factor that the United States allowed South Korea to join the “proliferation security initiative”, which violated the “Korean Armistice Agreement”, abandon the responsibility of the signatories to the armistice agreement, North Korea will no longer bound by an armistice, and soon prepare to a state of war. Third, the North Korean military cannot guarantee the legal states of the five islands in the northwest military maritime boundary, as well as the navigation safety of the US and South Korea’s naval ships in the territorial sea around the islands.
     Good Fences Make for Good Neighbors  作業代寫
    After the cold war, North Korea has been keeping close contact with the United States and made great progress, the United States regard this as a consequence of their assistance and the open market. Apart from this historical factor, the military and diplomatic cooperation between them is also running into a good prospect, the significance of South Korea over the United States is growing at a steady pace. Protecting South Korea will benefit the United States of the whole strategy in Asia. Even if the nuclear weapon test in North Korea is removed in the future, the United States will remain a certain military presence in South Korea, which means South Korea is a transfer station to settle problems in Asia area. In this aspect, North Korea will insist their nuclear explore in a long run unless the United States can remove their military assistance in South Korea. However, there is still room for man-oeuvre. Once war started, the results will be a disaster to both sides, especially with nuclear weapon; people still remember the devastating consequences of the war in the past century. Most of the countries are doing their best to avoid war and set up harmonious relationships, even if there are still aggressive voices in some regions.
      Good Fences Make for Good Neighbors  作業代寫
    Faced with this third nuclear weapon test in North Korea, on March 7, the UN Security Council held a public meeting and voted unanimously to adopt the new resolution that the nuclear test should be complied. The council also introduced new sanctions, in order to corn North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program and their proliferation ability. According to the new solution, the Security Council expands and strengthens the number of sanctions against North Korea's recent nuclear weapon test. Fifteen members of the UN Security Council approved the new sanctions resolution, the council asked North Korea to recover its statement withdrew from the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, and they reiterated that North Korea should be a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner, to abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs. All the present UN sanctions include banning ballistic missile and nuclear tests, banned the import and export of materials associated with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles (Jonathan, 2011). Some individuals as well as imposed financial sanctions on North Korea Company and travel restrictions, are prohibited to import jewelry, luxury accommodates such as car. All these sanctions are aimed at preventing North Korea from doing nuclear tests and avoiding wars. People had been through panic over nuclear weapons since World War Two, even though they can finish the conflicts in an absolute predominance, these destructive destroyers should not become toys of countries to achieve their purpose.
    China has been standing in a neutral statement since this problem established, considering the good interrelationship with North Korea, China will not take strong measures to stop the nuclear test. After all, no matter how close these two countries are, China cannot command North Korea to, while this time North Korea has crossed the barrier and seriously threatened the peace of eastern region, China expressed the point object to nuclear weapon tests and expressed strongly condemned for North Korea owing nuclear weapons. China calls for continuing the Six-party talks to stop Japan from attempting to start a competition of nuclear weapons. At the same time, China appeals the international community to soft policy so as to ensure peace and stability of the Korea peninsula. If China can play a significant role in this problem, it will win good reputations in the world, and in the future, China’s security is more guaranteed. To say that China’s safety is more assured is based on North Korea is his neighboring country, they have been cooperating well for centuries before this happened. These two countries are merely divided by the Yalu River, which may be the superior factor of the war to resist US and aid Korea in 1950. For a long time, China did not take essentially measures to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapon test, neither did the US, as far as I can see, they have different purposes to wink at this problem. For China, he does not want to lose this partner, and he must not get into too many difficulties with North Korea, once war started, a bad relationship will bring the northeast region of China huge damage. To step back a little, if this standoff will last for a long time, it is a benefit for China to have a partner with nuclear weapons, in another word; North Korea is a threat towards the US. There is no good for China to lost his neighbor, the best way is to solve the problem peacefully, while there is no way for a solution if the US keep hostile to North Korea (Larry, 2010). For the US, the reason that the US has refused to have a dialogue with North Korea in the first place is they do not really want to solve the problem of North Korea’s nuclear. Once North Korea completely gives up testing nuclear weapons, there is no reason for the US to set troops in South Korea and this will greatly reduce his power in Asia region, he would not want to see that. Even though South Korea want to solve this problem, he does not have enough power, he is attached to the United States and he need to show his alliance with the United States, the relationship has been strengthen sense the new president came to power, but the problem is that North Korea is a really tough country. As for another part in this problem, Russia, he seems to be outside the issue, but actually he plays the role of significantly decisive. First of all, he has no threat from both sides; Russia focuses only on the United States’ military power on the Korean peninsula. Secondly, Russia is also afraid of another problem, if the United States and Japan take this for an excuse to set the TMD in east Asia, he will need to step out and involve in, in this point of view, Russia hopes to solve the problem of North Korea, but the same with South Korea, Russia is not the leading role to take response for it.
    The biggest involved in this issue is China, people all over the world are looking at China, expecting his movements to prevent North Korea lead to a disaster (Ellen , 2013). I do not think there will actually be a war, at least in a few years, both sides will stay at their place and act like they are trying to solve the problem. The fact is, the United States will not remove its military presence, and in the word of protection, North Korea will not give up testing nuclear weapons. But not if China takes essential measures, the most significant one may be stop providing assistance to North Korea, cut off their grain offer and economy connections, but China has to leave some space for himself because relationship is hard to reset once broken. What really makes China expresses his statement is that North Korea ignored this link with China and tries to get rid of China’s control? For long, China has been announcing to advocate peace and resist war, this is defined good opportunity for China to show his determination and consolidate his international influence and reputation, but everything has its both sides, such a tough problem like North Korea’s nuclear also brings numerous difficulties. China should actively promote and participate in multilateral talks on the North Korean nuclear weapon test issue, as well as take full advantage of various forms of the nuclear facilities for verification mechanism and implement of the terms but a variety of military, economic, political and diplomatic part of big package deals between China and the US, Russia and North Korea six-party cooperation features, containing the unipolar devises, enhancing its strategic position on the Korean peninsula region (Brain, 2011). Recently, China has changed its policy, “In the core national interest, China will go to great lengths to ‘do something’, and finally exert considerable influence. China now has enough power and confidence to do this.” If China can make it clear to other countries that any country that start a war with North Korea will threaten China’s core profit, it can avoid conflict and keep the condition under control in a larger extent.
    Nuclear weapons are a guarantee for threaten and keep balance between big countries, in a sense, it is a good method to reduce war and stimulate the evolution of technology. This is also an important reason for the cold war in the last century; it is because of the balance of nuclear weapon that the world is in a peaceful statement as a whole. But it is not the same when it comes to small countries, there are too many insecure elements together with potential danger, especially for those small countries in important strategic positions. The US also need to step back a little and show some sincere to North Korea, neither side of this problem can pay for the bill of the consequences caused by nuclear weapons. After the statement made by North Korea on February 12, there will be a long time to restart a nuclear weapon test, North Korea does not owe the ability or equipment to do much research in this program, unless import the materials from big countries, it is just the right time for both sides to do some effort to make a breakthrough.
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      Good Fences Make for Good Neighbors  作業代寫
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