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Intellectual Property Remedies 代寫


    Intellectual Property Remedies

    Remedies: How is Infringement Punished / Redressed?

    Is one or more of the following remedies likely to be available in the circumstances?
     Intellectual Property Remedies  代寫
    I.       Injunction
    When an interlocutory injunction is sought, ask:
    a.     Is there a case to be tried?
    b.    Can the plaintiff show a strong prima facie case?
    c.     Would damages be a suitable remedy for the plaintiff?
    d.    Could the plaintiff adequately compensate the defendant with damages?
    e.     If the above factors are equal, the courts must decide – on the balance of convenience – which party is likely to suffer most?
    Mareva Injunctions prevent defendants from removing objects from the jurisdiction.
    II.      Anton Piller Order
    Allows seizure of infringing goods or documents if a defendant might hide or destroy the evidence.
     Intellectual Property Remedies  代寫
    It requires:
    a.     A strong prima facie case;
    b.    That the actual or potential damage would be very serious for the plaintiff; and
    c.     There is clear evidence that the defendant has documents or objects in its possession, and that there is a real possibility that s/he might destroy them.
     Intellectual Property Remedies  代寫
    III.     Damages
    In assessing damages, ask whether the plaintiff:
    a.     Would have charged a license fee for the work; and
    b.    Would have expected a royalty.
    Damages will generally be unsuitable if the damage:
    a.     is irreparable;
    b.    is outside the scope of financial compensation;
    c.     is very difficult to calculate.
     Intellectual Property Remedies  代寫
    IV.    Account of Profits
    The plaintiff claims the profit that the defendant has made on each infringing item (recovers the defendant’s unjust enrichment). This is traditionally an alternative to damages.
    V.     Delivery Up of Infringing Goods
    This follows a final injunction, and may include destruction of the infringing goods.
     Intellectual Property Remedies  代寫
    VI.    Criminal Sanctions
    Section 132 of the Act provides for criminal sanctions. This will be particularly relevant in piracy situations where there is intentional, commercial infringement.


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