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悉尼代寫finance accounting assignment essay 論文 作業

    Executive summary
    This report aims to conduct an analysis of a famous brand: Chupa Chups. It will identify and evaluate some of the marketing factors such as the background information about the industry, the micro and macro environment, the overall marketing mix including segmentation, targeting, and positioning, and in the end its target market.
    With a detailed analysis of these marketing factors, this report will present an overall situation of the sweets industry and particularly the current situation of Chupa Chups.
    1.0 Introduction
    The purpose of this report is to provide an individual business report plan. The chosen product is Chupa Chups. In order to carry out this report, an identification and evaluation of the key marketing factors will be conducted. In this report, we assume that both micro and macro environment have an influence on the product. And according to the analysis of these two aspects, we will conduct the STP process, i.e. segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Therefore, the target market will be finally presented at the end of this report.
    2.0 Industry
    In around the year 1851, candy industry started in the world. Gradually, the candy industry became popular among households and a lot of candy factories were started up. At that time, the candies are mostly made to be the bite-sized morsels and it needed to be sold within a day’s time.
    In fact, the candy industry is a very simple one. Kids just reach into their pockets for coins and then they can get their desired candies. Then arriving at the twentieth century, the candy industry has been through a huge expansion, both in varieties and quantities. In addition, in the 21st century, the candy industry is keeping developing (David, 2003).
    Take an example of the Ferrero. Ferrero has a wide brand range from Nutella, Tic Tacs, Kinder, and Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates. In the year 2012, it was reported to have estimated sales of $9.5 billion (The World’s Billionares, 2012).
    3.0 Microenvironment
    Microenvironment refers to those aspects that are connected to an organization and that could have an influence on the organization’s ability to meet the needs of its customers (Steve, 2007). Typical aspects are listed as follows: the organization, market channel firms, customer markets, competitors, and the public.
    For the organization itself, Chupa Chups is a company that is working to occupy more markets and serve more customers in the world. In fact, Chupa Chups is a Barcelona-based group. In the year 1958, it decided to give up its over 200 kinds of products and started to specialize in lollipops. In the present time, the group provides over 4 billion lollipops to its customers every year and its customers are distributed in 170 countries in the world. Through an overall review on Chupa Chups’ international success, there are two of the most important marketing strategies that have contributed the most: to adjust its products to the customers’ different tastes and preferences, and to understand and show respect to different cultures. 悉尼代寫finance assignment essay 論文 作業


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