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悉尼代寫accounting economics assignment essay 論文 作業

    Macro-environment refers to the broader societal aspects that would have an influence on the whole micro-environment (Jain, 2010). It includes factors such as demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, and cultural ones. For our product, the Chupa Chups, we will only explain the two factors: demographic factor, and cultural factor.
    4.1 Demographic factor
    Demographic factor is mainly concerned with the population, or more precisely, the structure of the population. From the end of World War Two to the early 1960s, there was the baby boom which means a changing age structure. In addition, the preschoolers, youths, young adults, and even early middle age, middle age, all have a certain proportion in the world.
    4.2 Cultural factors
    As for cultural factors, we have already talked about it before in fact. As it has been mentioned, in Middle Eastern countries, it is considered as seductive for girls to eat suckers in the public, and therefore, Chupa Chups changed its strategic emphasis.
    5.0 STP-Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning悉尼代寫accounting economics assignment essay 論文 作業
    5.1 Segmentation
    As a kind of snack, market segmentation for Chupa Chups will be mainly based on the demographic aspects. Therefore, the market segmentation for it will be: preschoolers, youth, youth adults, early middle age, middle age, and the elder.
    5.2 Targeting
    The targeting for Chupa Chups will be preschoolers, youth, and youth adults, because it is to our common knowledge that lollipops are the favorite to these groups of people. 
    5.3 Positioning
    The market segmentation and targeting both clear, positioning for Chupa Chups should set at a relatively low price level since the customers have no source of income and just depend on their families for daily expenses.悉尼代寫accounting economics assignment essay 論文 作業
    6.0 Conclusion
    This report mainly evaluates the marketing environments for Chupa Chups. With reference to previous analysis, the typical STP is demonstrated at the end of this report. However, as only limited aspects of macro-environment are analyzed in this report, limitation may exist as to how to segment, target, and position the product. 悉尼代寫accounting economics assignment essay 論文 作業


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